Links I Love - Vol. 1

You guys, what the hell is with this 26 degree weather!? For my own sanity, thank GAWD it's supposed to inch into the 50's this weekend. I legit almost developed frost burn on my morning run yesterday. Normally I run around the block to warm up, do a quick 3-5 minute static stretch and then start my run, but given the temperatures, I had to dive straight into the run as soon as I closed the front door for fear of freezing to death. How were your weeks? Mine wasn't too shabby, given the unexpected work from home day I had to take on Wednesday when I realized, one subway stop from my office, that I didn't remember turning off my curling iron. As we all know, usually the fear of leaving an appliance on and/or plugged in is a figment of our paranoid imaginations, but I can assure you this time I was 100% correct and I have the scorch marks on my dresser to prove it. But alas, lets look ahead to the weekend shall we? Any fun plans on your end? While the mention of "brunch" typically sends Greg no less than a 37 minute monologue about the how brunch is the devil reincarnated by a modern, sadistic society, there is a new restaurant we've been meaning to check out in our neighborhood and the brunch menu is far superior to their dinner menu. Just so its clear, we plan to be there as soon as they open and it will be henceforth be refereed to as "breakfast". We also plan on finally watching I, Tonya (Margo Robbie can do no wrong in my eyes) and going for a nice long walk. If you find some downtime for yourself this weekend, feel free to peruse some of the links I've been loving this week. Not to brag, but there are a few really good ones!

This very well may be the best commercial I've ever watched. Give American's what they want: the Whopper (and net neutrality)!

The list of best places to live by state was very surprising (fun fact, NYC was not included).

And while we're at it, lets look at the 25 happiest cities in the United States.

This list blew my mind!

Seeing as my sister and I just decided to push off our marathon goal till next year, I may be screwed.

After participating in the Women's March this past Saturday, this video series was a welcomed discovery.

If you're fans of Paul Rudd or Larry David, you'll enjoy these quizzes (not to toot my own horn, but I got 9/10 for Larry).

While I've seen this savings plan floating around the internet the past few years, 2018 may be the year I finally save $1,400 in a year. New year, new me right?

I thought I was lucky to travel a good bit, but apparently I've seen zero of the new seven wonders of the world.

I've tried a month of vegan twice now and both times it sucked. This recap is making me think maybe I should try a modified vegan diet again.

A real high this week was seeing my comments included in this bloggers reader survey recap.

If you're blond, I'm very jealous after this announcement by Kristin Ess (hair GENIUS responsible party for Lauren Conrad envy inducing lob).

Hallelujah, there is such thing as justice! It may be a small stone in a dauntingly large pile, but its progress.

I love Amy's Instagram style and I was thrilled when she did a IRL outfit roundup (she works for Warby Parker and has two adorably styled kids).

To be clear, I have NOT just birthed a child, but this is a great list for anyone who hasn't completely abandoned their new years resolutions yet.


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