Life Lately - Vol. 1

I've been meaning to get these photos edited and uploaded for over a month now, but you know the old story. You wait so long to do something and suddenly the projects grown and so you keep waiting because now it will take more time but ultimately you end up abandoning it altogether? Weeellll, that was almost true. But I did it! I got it done! 

Lets be real, this winter has been BRUTAL. Between the sub-zero temperatures, the lack of sunshine and the 39 blizzards we've experienced in a two month period, I've been a bit testy. I didn't think I suffered from any sort of seasonal affective disorders but man, this winter is doing a number on me. That said, I haven't gone full hermit and have managed to squeeze in some shenanigans, even if they required Randy level layers. 

I think I've walked over this bridge no less than a dozen times at this point. It's my go-to spot to take visitors. 
 Ladies night at 169 bar. Where has this baby been all my life!?
Testing out the everything donut from the Doughnut Experiment (not the best one I've had there).
Bagels from Tompkin Square Bagel. For her, french toast with plain cream cheese. For me, everything with scallion.
It started snowing like a banshee as we walked out of the subway towards the MET. Very pretty, but the kind that beelines right to your eyeball if you look anywhere but down.
This was the only piece from the David Hockney exhibit I like.
Who knew they even made candles this large!?

In February my sister came to visit for a long weekend and it was EVERYTHING. As adults who live 6+ hours away from each other, visiting each other is a rarity. But when we reunite, Lord, WATCH OUT! In classic Amber-as-tour-guide fashion, you better believe we walked a ton, ate a ton and threw in some cultural experiences just to keep things classy. I didn't take a ton of photos, mostly because it was freezing and we didn't want to take our hands out of our pockets, but we did snag a few funny ones that may or may not make it in a frame sometime in the next three years. 

I'm pretty sure Tanya's only request for the weekend was "bagels", which I happily obliged daily. We also had Joe's Pizza, brunch at Tom's Diner, Ample Hills, By Chloe and Dough. And what's a sister weekend without some margs y'all? I may or may have not gone overboard when I sprung for the pitcher at our second bar of the evening Saturday. 

It was really nice to be able to show Tanya our wedding venue in Dumbo and get to show her the surrounding neighborhood. Also, real talk: It was super strange to go to a museum together. Don't get me wrong, we grew up going to museums, but I don't think we've really been to one together as adults. Its crazy to see how different our tastes can be. In my head I just always see her as my little sister. Our dynamic doesn't feel like its ever changed. We're just the same people we've always been. But for some reason, going to the Met made me see her as she is now, an adult with her own tastes and opinions. I mean she owns a house for Christ sake, so clearly shes not a child. Tanya, since this is the first time you're hearing this - yes, it was weird. But I loved it and I hope we get to do it more.

Don't get me wrong, running sucks no matter where you do it. But I have to say, these views were all kinds of yes! 
Royal Palms has NOTHING on Florida snowbirds
Who even knows with this one. 
Saturday nights entail ice cream socials and line dancing. I really feel like I could be living my best life here. 
Why does he always insist on throwing me in the water? Every god damn time!
I packed every cliche summer thing I own and I ain't mad about it.

Like the good son that he is, every winter Greg heads south to visit his mother in Florida. Lucky for me, we now do everything together so mama (aka me) gets to tag along. Guys, RV living in Florida is where it's at! So much so that I actually spent an evening looking up the logistics of RV living. Suffice to say I probably won't be making any big purchases in the near future, but lets not rule it out a few years from now when New York really begins to suffocate me. 

The entire weekend was sunny. As in 24/7, not a cloud in the sky, slather on the sunscreen full on sun. It was fucking glorious. My skin was paler than a fresh born baby and I burned after an hour exposed, but it was worth it! WORTH IT! We wandered around, we sat on the beach, we explored a new to us beach town, we ate seafood and ice cream. Heaven. And to think the winter storm with hurricane strength winds that brutally attacked New England almost ruined the trip. 

 My friend Miranda won discounted tickets to see Spongebob Squarepants on Broadway and I gladly volunteered to scalp the second ticket. I haven't seen a Broadway show since An American In Paris two years ago and that's just unacceptable. I'd just like to go on record by saying that I have a new goal to see two Broadway shows a year, if possible. I gotta say, this show was actually super cute. The cast had some amazing vocals and the adaptation of the cartoon was shockingly clever. Miranda and I both left pleasantly surprised. 
There was one day in February where the temperatures hit above 70 degrees. Since it was mid-week, I was determined to not waste the day. Me being me,  I decided to go for a long walk after work and just catch the subway home when I got tired. Turns out by long walk turned I meant 6 miles that spanned Midtown to Crown Heights. I stopped for two slice of my favorite pizza, Prince St. pepperoni, in Soho and my new favorite ice cream, Ample Hills pina colada sorbet, in Prospect Heights; calories that I think were absolutely earned. While my legs were sore for days after, it was 100% worth it. 
As if  I didn't already have a deep and true love affair with Old Navy, they go and do a thing like this. My coworker Miranda and I spent lunch visiting the two statues closest to our office. It was beautiful and uplifting. I know I'm writing this well after the day, but I can't help but sing praises for the women in my life and those who came before me. Those who did and who do pave the path for women to success, to lead, to be free.
We have legitimately had four nor'easter in three weeks. FOUR. The fact that I'm complaining about this says something, since I loooooove snow. Like make Greg go for super long walks through snow piles up to your hip kind of love. But its March for Christ's sake and I just want cherry blossoms and warm, warm sun on my skin.