Links I Love - Vol. 4

I had this fluffy "all about my week" bullshit intro written yesterday. But then I saw Abbi and Ilana filming upcoming episodes of Broad City outside my office building and died right there on the street. What else is there to even say after the afternoon I had? Here's hoping the weekend can hold up to high I've experienced on a Friday afternoon.

Let's stop shaming and start embracing. We can all be "bra girls".

Loved this honest take on being 30 and not a homeowner. I'm in a similar camp and honestly, owning a home just isn't a priority for me. And that's okay!

I know I shared Grace's Morocco travel itinerary on my last Link links, but GUYS! I need to go.

I shared this jacket in my IG Stories this week. What a steal at $20.

Speaking of jackets, I've been eyeing up this jacket for winter travel. Seems like a great option to either wear on its own or wear under another jacket for extra warmth. Bonus: it packs up tiny! Perfect for a carry-on traveler like myself.

If anyone is a homeowner and looking to re-do their kitchen, this is a worth while read.

I know Summer is basically over, but this hammock is the stuff dreams are made of.

I'm a sucker for a good millennial pink + emerald green combo and this house tour just makes my heart swoon.

These earrings are on my birthday wish list, but if you're looking for some low cost options, Amazon has a TON of great statement earrings (like thesethese and these) for < $10.

If you're a fan of a minimalist makeup routine, this one's for you. Also, if you've never heard of the highly buzzed about, millennial focused skincare and makeup brand Glossier, I've got a link for that too.

I for one am 100% into the new pantsuit trend and have never stopped wearing white after labor day. Check out The Everygirl for more Fall trends that should be on everyone's radar.

Have you heard about the new alternative to MoviePass?

Kristen Bell has a new video series on Ellen's YouTube and I am here for it. To all the moms out there, Kristen's got your back!

I've been following Crystal's decor process in her 700ft NYC apartment on Instagram for awhile now. Loved seeing her featured on TheEverymom this week!

Happy weekend friends!


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