Things I've Been Loving Lately

Rather than slapping together one long post about all my favorite podcasts of the moment, all my favorite books, my favorite clothing items and gadgets, blah blah blah, I figured I could provide regular updates of the things I've been recommending to people in my real life. You know, as opposed to my internet life. If you like these regular updates, let me know in the comments. If you hate them, well, I want to say back off but I suppose feedback is important. Either way, let me know below what you've been loving. 

To start, I'm clearly obsessed with everything Meghan Markle, although I suppose that makes me no different than the rest millennial women around the world. I've loved her since Suits and it doesn't appear to be fizzing out anytime soon. She is killing the style game and I appreciate that she has remained true to herself and her sense of style by continuing to wear pencil skirts, tailored coats and suits in more neutral colors and classic patterns. Basically I want to live in her closet. Merritt Beck, the voice behind The Style Scribe recently launched a new website, Sussex Style Watch, where she breaks downs Meghan's outfits and offers shoppable links and affordable alternatives. If you're as into Meghan's style as I am, I highly recommend Merritt's newest site. 
I've been reading like a crazy person lately and while most of the books are fluff or not very memorable, this book stood out. Charlotte Walsh Likes To Win follows a female Silicone Valley CEO as she runs for Senate in her home state of Pennsylvania. Given that I went to college and lived in the NEPA area for a few years, I think the authors description of a state glaringly divided by class is spot on. The tough part about this book, at least for me, was the way it clearly highlights the double standards between male and female candidates. While I think the gender themes in the book span much further than just the political arena, recent news only further perpetuates the discrepancies that men and women face in our every day lives. Perhaps the overlap in reading with the Kavanaugh trial was poor timing but this book had me deeply troubled for the current state of our country. As if that was even possible.
And not to intentionally piggyback of my recent book recommendation, but I have been seriously in love with all collaborations brands have been doing that not only support the Midterm elections, but encourage female empowerment all around. In case you haven't heard, Levi's paired up with Rock The Vote to release a "Vote" t-shirt for both Men and Women encouraging everyone to show up at the polls on November 6th and make your voice heard. The best part? Levi's makes $0 off the purchase of these shirts. TheSkimm has continued their "No Excuses" campaign that was launched for the 2016 election and released a water bottle in collaboration with Swell that shares the profits with She Should Run, an organization that encourages and supports women running at every level of government. While I need another water bottle like I need another hole in my head, I did contribute to She Should Run on their website directly. And as if I didn't love Target enough, one of their newest women's clothing brands, A New Day, released a collaboration with Vital Voices, an organization that support fearless women leaders. I already snatched up this tee for $13 and plan on rotating it with my Levi's Vote tee every week until Midterms. 
If you haven't tuned in to Armchair expert yet, you need to drop everything and head over to iTunes immediately. First off, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are forever #relationshiphgoals. Secondly, I love the spin Dax takes while interviewing celebrities. He doesn't just focus on their career development, but really try's to pull out their motivations and the behaviors that shape who they are. Bonus, two weeks ago they did a "The Good Place" week where Dax interviewed members of the cast, including Ted Danson (my silver fox crush) and the shows creator Mike Schur, prior to the Season 3 premiere and it was gold. I love this podcast and I love The Good Place. What more is there to say?
Speaking of Kristen Bell, have you watched Momsplaining yet? I linked it on one of my previous Links I Love lists and I feel like its worth mentioning again. It lives on Ellen Degeneres YouTube channel and is already on its second season. Even if you're not a parent, Kristen is hilarious and its absolutely worth your time. I watch them in the mornings when I'm getting ready and I'm a better person for it. Trust me.
Lastly, I ordered these straws off Amazon a few weeks ago and I've been loving them. I don't love the feeling of the metal on the teeth, but I will admit metal is much easier to throw in my bag than silicone is. God forbid anything from the bottom of my purse gets stuck to them...yuck. I keep a straw on my desk at work and leave a metal one in my purse for on the go. I will admit, I only use these for water, so washing them hasn't been as big an issue as of yet. I used to try and use reusable straws that came with tumblers for my morning smoothies, but unless you wash them right away, you're never getting those kale bits out. Seeing as I have a 1hr+ commute each morning before I get to a sink, the chances that I missed the window to wash my straw were pretty good.


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