The Future is Female

It's that time of year friends! The time of year where we all gather together and raise a giant ass middle finger towards our current asshat President, our pathetic excuse for a Supreme Court Justice, and all of the other outdated, misogynistic bullshit our society tries to pass off as acceptable. If you haven't heard, the Women's March is taking place on January 19th in many major US cities and while I'm bummed I'll be out of town, I am very prepared to rock every feminist focused item of clothing and/or jewelry I own that day in support. 

In the same spirit I thought I would share some of the female focused brands or items I've stumbled on in the past year that have made me so happy. Honestly, gems like these are cropping up everywhere and its a beautiful thing. 

I saw this Grl Pwr Sweatshirt on Instagram last year after the Women's March and immediately tried to track it down. It's from Rebecca Mincoff and was $88, so I held off buying. Well, new year, new sale. Not only is the sweatshirt fully in stock but its on sale with an additional 30% off with the code 'RingIn19'. 

I'm obsessed with GLDN's la femme collection. My sister got me this necklace for Christmas and my coworker has rocked the shaka one daily since we met, so you can be confident they're a quality brand.

Speaking of that same coworker, she got me these boob earrings for Christmas and I could not be more obsessed. Everything in their shop is amazing, but they get extra love for donating 20% of every Melopepo sale to both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Who knew Amazon started carrying such rad t-shirt? RBG is my idol, but this, this and this may also end up in my cart.

I stumbled upon this necklace, but if you're looking for a lower cost option, this one seems great as well.

I've been collecting feminist focused pins for the past couple of years and will absolutely be rocking this one in the near future.

I want to buy this for every baby I know. But side note, as evidenced by my poster above, Kimothy Joy is amazing. 

Save the planet and smash the Patriarchy with this or this. Perhaps not suitable for the office?

I've shared this collaboration before - and in the meantime picked up this $13 shirt - but Target partnered with Vital Voices to launch a limited release clothing line that supports female leaders across the globe. 

Honestly, Etsy is an endless supply of options for amazing female focused products.

I got a Michelle Obama and Persist sticker at the Union Square Christmas markets,  but my coworker just introduced me to Redbubble and now I want to wallpaper my house with stickers.

Most importantly, be sure to support small business's in your area! I've seen a ton of feminist and equality focused retail items pop up in a lot of my neighborhood stores, as well as other small businesses when I'm traveling. If you're in the NYC area, Awesome Brooklyn is my absolute favorite place to stop on our weekend walks but was also super pumped to see a Bulletin store pop up next to Prince St. Pizza in Manhattan after Trump took office.

*I know this post is meant to be light and fun, but in all seriousness, we need to keep conversations like these going. Our government is a hot mess. Our justice system is a joke. Under representation and lack of diversity in business and politics is rampant. Wage gaps are prevalent. Yes, some great things have come from the dark cloud that was November 8, 2016 and yes, we're stepping up and making history, but ladies and gents, we have to keep going. Keep volunteering, keep voting, keep talking, keep marching.*


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