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An Honest Take on Wedding Dress Shopping

After years of watching Say Yes to the Dress, I thought wedding dress shopping was supposed to be this magical day, full of tears and champagne. In reality, wedding dress shopping is REALLY hard. I tried hard to stick to a modest budget (~$500 including alterations) knowing the realities of alteration costs (which, news flash, can run you a few hundred smackaroos on top of your already overpriced ball of fabric).
As you'll see with my inspiration photos below, I really wanted a dress with long sleeves. But given the fact that I do not have waif thin arms, most long sleeve dresses I tried on wouldn't even get up to my shoulders. Such a buzz kill! I also gravitated towards a more bohemian style in the inspiration phase of this whole shebang, but apparently my body was like, "nah bitch, try again". In the day of Pinterest, its so easy to find inspiration photos that you think represent the look you're going for, but when you add cost + your body type into the equat…

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