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When Pinterest actually delivers: The story of a [fairly] simple jewelry storage DIY

I wouldn't say that I have a ton of jewelry, but I do have enough that it started to take over my bedroom to the point that I was ready to go all Marie Condo on it's ass and purge the whole damn collection. I used to store most of my jewelry in several bowls and plates I've collected over the years as souvenirs from my various trips, but having a bunch of bowls on my dresser was not doing any wonders from my sanity. I tend to gravitate towards clean surfaces. On the flip side, I knew if I used a jewelry organizer that gets hidden away in a closet, I would forget to put it on. I came across a DIY on Pinterest a year ago and knew I wanted to try it for myself. It took me awhile to commit, but I'm super happy with the result! 
I did this DIY over the holiday break, so if you happened to be following along on Instagram Stories back in December, you'd know that I ran into a few hiccups along the way. To start, I bought a pack of wooden blockssaw tooth picture hangers

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