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Links I Love - Vol. 3

YOU GUYS!!! The sun is out! Its 75 degrees! I legit have no chill right now!! I was starting to think we'd never see the day. Tomorrow's forecast is similar and I told Greg we need to be outside from the break of daylight till way past my bedtime. I don't care what we do, I just want to be basking in the glorious warmth that we here in New York so desperately deserve. Greg hinted that maybe its time we bust out the fire pit and roast up some marshmallows for s'mores, and I gotta say, I ain't mad about that kind of thinking. What do you all have on the agenda this weekend? Leave a comment below! And you better be enjoying this spring time weather while it lasts! God knows they're probably have a blizzard in the forecast a week from now.
I've always been an avid supporter of walks.

For my friends who love to travel and have kids outside the toddler age, this book is genius!

I think I may be buying Greg a little present to help him on his WFH days.

Will this …

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