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Skincare Tips From Someone Who Has No Business Giving Skincare Tips

I'd like to start by stating the obvious: I am in no way, shape, or form a licensed professional. All of my skincare knowledge come from years of excessive research in the form of blogs, podcasts, YouTube, magazines and good 'ol trial and error. I'm the first to admit, skincare is no joke . Between essences, toners, serums, retinols, oils, cleansers, moisturizers and all that comes in between, it can get super confusing, super fast. And that's not even brand specific! Add in Keihls vs. Drunk Elephant vs. Olay vs. Origins and you could end up in fetal position in the skincare aisle of Sephora. I thought I would walk you through my skincare routine and share some facts and tips I've learned along the way that you may find helpful as you either start to build your own or refine a routine you already have. Again, I feel the need to re-state that I am not an expert and am merely sharing what I've come across in my own research and what has worked for me. Before

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